Ultrasound-Guided Injections

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The picture below shows a large hip effusion below the joint capsule with the solid arrows outlining the joint capsule. The large dotted line is the direction of the needle when an ultrasound guided injection or aspiration occurs.

One of the great advantages of MSKUS is the ability to use ultrasound to help the physician guide the needle when performing injections.  While many injections traditionally are performed “blind,” without the help of guidance, studies have shown the poor accuracy rate of lind injections.

Performing injections under ultrasound guidance helps insure accurate needle placement and medication delivery.  This improves both patient comfort and treatment efficacy. It also helps avoid placing the needle in nearby dangerous structures such as nerves, blood vessels, or other organs.  Dr. Glaser will perform a diagnostic scan prior to your injection and then perform the ultrasound guided injection.

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