Sports and Wellness Physicals

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Dr. Glaser offers sports and camp physicals for patients of all ages at his office. He also works with Central States Orthopedic Specialists and travels to certain high schools in the spring and summer to participate in their mass sports physicals.
Dr. Glaser is trained in family medicine before he did his sports medicine and he enjoys doing wellness physicals which he recommends for adult males and females starting around age 25.
During a wellness physical, Dr. Glaser takes a comprehensive history to discuss family history, past medical history, diet, exercise, occupation, and lifestyle tendencies. Then Dr. Glaser performs a thorough exam and depending on your age and risk factors, he may order certain tests to help stratify your risk factors such as cholesterol testing. Also, Dr. Glaser will give advice for any specific ways to help improve your lifestyle physically and emotionally.

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