Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT)

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Osteopathic manipulation is a medical procedure whereby the physician uses various types of
manual or manipulative techniques to enhance the body’s self-healing capabilities. Unlike
chiropractic, which emphasizes spinal “subluxations” as the major cause of problems in the
body, OMT encompasses the role of the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments, blood vessels,
posture and biomechanics, and nerves in promoting health and treating disease.

The cornerstone of OMT is creating an ideal structure-function relationship in the body. If the
body’s structure is optimized, then optimum function should follow.

Before performing any osteopathic manipulative technique, the osteopathic physician takes an
appropriate history and performs a physical exam to determine where problems may exist that
could be interfering with the body’s self-healing ability. Unlike physical therapy or chiropractic,
where the same treatment is given on subsequent visits based on an initial diagnosis, the
osteopathic physician must perform a new exam each time he or she see the patient. He must
evaluate how the patient’s body responded to the previous treatment and determine what, if
any, further treatment is indicated.

Insurances do cover OMT, please let Dr. Glaser know if you are interested having OMT.

For more information about Osteopathic medicine or OMT go to www.osteopathic.org.

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