Sports Medicine

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Sports medicine is that branch of the healing arts profession that utilizes an integrated,
comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of sport and exercise
related injuries, disorders, dysfunctions, and disease processes.

Yet sports medicine is more than just physical therapy, a knee brace, a cortisone injection, or
arthroscopic surgery. While all of these may be important, sports medicine involves knowing
not only the athlete but also the sport. What are the demands placed on the athlete’s body by a
given sport? What specific skills are required to perform a sport? And how does the body
respond to these demands and required skills? Knowing this is crucial to understanding not only
how injuries occur but also to knowing what the best way to treat them is.

Athletes have medical needs also. Asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical
conditions affect athletes as well as the non-athlete. Yet the athlete often needs special
treatment because of the demands the athlete places on their body.

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